Luis Ángel Puello Orozco, International Resident Researcher

Luis Ángel Puello Orozco is an international resident researcher at the Kettering Foundation. He is a cofounder of FIS Foundation, an NGO dedicated to teaching art to children and teenagers in Cartagena, Colombia. Orozco has done communications work with NGOs focused on development in the Caribbean region of Colombia and has served as a strategic communicator for organizations such as ACD Consultores, ODAR, and Bavpublicidad.

Among the research interests Orozco will pursue while at Kettering are systematizing a theoretical and methodological framework on art and democratic practices; carrying out case studies on experiences in which art has been used to generate social transformations; interviewing artists, academics, youth groups, and neighborhood groups about the ways in which art could be used to generate social change; and carrying out laboratories with groups of university youth from art and social change workshops, which become potentially replicable pilot programs.

Orozco has a BA in social communication with a concentration in journalism and culture from the University of Cartagena, Colombia.