Phoebe Davis, International Resident Researcher

Phoebe Davis is an international resident researcher at the Kettering Foundation. 

Davis is an indigenous educator and is passionate about making a difference for her tribe and people by supporting a sustainable, ancestrally driven, future-focused tribal nation. She is an active member of her tribe, contributing to its future and well-being, and plays a key role in facilitating tribal affairs.

As an educator, she is responsible for implementing and designing localized indigenous curriculums that raise the capability and capacity of her people from the ground up. Davis is renowned throughout New Zealand for her proven in-depth knowledge and ability to facilitate the development of localized curriculums. She has the skills and the heart to form strong, enduring relationships with students, teachers, school communities, and tribes. She works to help them reach their full potential and to participate effectively and positively for their own well-being and for other people (their whānau, hapū, iwi) and to society.
Davis has recently been selected to be part of a national team to facilitate strengthening localized curriculum in a number of indigenous Māori schools throughout New Zealand.