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Connections 2015

The 2015 issue of Connections, edited by KF program officer and senior writer/editor Melinda Gilmore and KF director of communications David Holwerk, focuses on our yearlong review of Kettering’s research over time, or our “tribal history.” The issue includes stories that highlight all of Kettering’s program areas.

New Kettering Study: Civic Aspirations

What motivates faculty to do civic engagement work at institutions that do not reward it? To learn more about the deep motivations and civic aspirations of faculty, Claire Snyder-Hall interviewed a diverse group of academics from all over the country who do civic-engagement work of various kinds, including deliberative pedagogy, service learning, public scholarship, and community engagement.

Remembering the 1977 Airlie House Conference Report

David Mathews is president and CEO of the Ketteirng Foundation and is a former president of University of Alabama. He has participated in Kettering’s ongoing series of exchanges with college presidents on the civic purposes of higher education. Below is Mathews' 2016 introduction to the 1977 report The Changing Agenda for American Higher Education.