The Context Podcast

The Context is a podcast from the Charles F. Kettering Foundation, about the history, trends, and ideas shaping democracy in the United States and around the world. Every episode, host Alex Lovit, a Senior Program Officer and Historian with the foundation, interviews someone who has seen it all—scholars, politicians, journalists, and public servants.

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We Envision a World of Thriving Democracies

Everyone is empowered to build and preserve resilient democratic systems in which all people’s rights are protected.

Who We Are
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Masked woman checking in citizen to vote; citizens voting in booth

Our Work

We advance our work across five focus areas. Through these focus areas, we promote democratic principles and values and counter attacks on democracy.

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  1. 1 : Defending Inclusive Democracy
  2. 2 : Information for a Democratic Society
  3. 3 : Democracy and Community
  4. 4 : Democracy and the Arts
  5. 5 : Democracy around the Globe