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Defending Inclusive Democracy News

Today marks a significant milestone as we commemorate Sharon L. Davies’ two-year anniversary at the Charles F. Kettering Foundation. Since assuming the role of president and CEO on April 4, 2022, Davies has led the foundation through a transformation that resulted in a new mission, vision, and strategic plan. After asking itself, “What does democracy need from the Kettering Foundation?,” the whole staff responded with a mission to advance inclusive democracies and a vision of a world of thriving democracies where the rights of all are protected and people fulfill their civic responsibilities.

Davies’ commitment to innovation and inclusivity has redefined our approach to our work, resulting in five new focus areas that will advance our mission and foster collaboration across diverse sectors. Through her leadership, Kettering is better aligned with the needs of democracy today and focuses on initiatives that inspire and connect individuals and organizations.

As we reflect on the past two years, we congratulate Davies for her contributions, leadership, and vision. Her passion and dedication inspire us as we work toward a future of thriving democracies worldwide.