News & Ideas  -  Kettering Senior Fellow Maureen O’Connor Honored with a Brennan Legacy Award

Maureen O'Connor News Senior Fellows

The Charles F. Kettering Foundation is thrilled to celebrate an incredible honor bestowed on one of our senior fellows, Maureen O’Connor. The retired chief justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio was recognized with the prestigious Brennan Legacy Award, from the Brennan Center for Justice, for her relentless efforts to combat gerrymandering and uphold the principles of democracy in Ohio. The award honors individuals who have made significant contributions to both the legal community and the broader social fabric through their commitment to justice and democracy.

O’Connor’s career has been distinguished by a dedication to the rule of law and a fervent commitment to the ideal that the judicial system must serve all citizens equitably and impartially. Throughout her career, she led significant reforms and improvements in the Ohio judicial system. Upon retirement, O’Connor has kept busy arguing for electoral maps that reflect community interests rather than political expediency, emphasizing that fair districts are the cornerstone of democratic governance.

In recognizing this honor, we are reminded of the enduring importance of judicial integrity and the ongoing need for vigilance in protecting our democratic institutions. Congratulations, Maureen, on this honor! We are proud to have you as one of our senior fellows.