Melinda Gilmore, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Melinda Gilmore is the director of strategic initiatives at the Kettering Foundation. She contributes to the research program through institutional research, which aims to draw connections between all of Kettering’s research areas, as well as through service on workgroups that plan and organize program discussions and the biannual staff retreat.

Gilmore coordinates research and administrative work for the president’s office and is the director of the Cousins Research Group. Her research interests include the role of civic organizations in addressing the problems of democracy, particularly arts organizations, humanities councils, libraries, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropy.

Gilmore plays a key role in editing foundation publications and communications, ensuring that they have a consistent voice and reflect the foundation’s most current insights and learning. Since 2012, she has been the coeditor of Kettering’s flagship periodical, Connections. She is the executive editor of the Cousins Research Group report series, is the coeditor of the foundation’s e-newsletter, News and Notes, and regularly contributes to the foundation’s website.

In 2017, Gilmore was selected to participate in the Council on Foundations’ Career Pathways cohort, an intensive, yearlong leadership development program designed to foster diverse talent and excellence among the philanthropic sector’s senior executives.

Gilmore holds a BA in English from Wright State University and an MA in English from the University of Dayton.