Darla Minnich Senior Fellows Coordinator

Darla Minnich is the senior fellows coordinator. The Kettering Foundation created a senior fellows program that includes a distinguished group of experts and thought leaders who represent the nation’s leading democracy thinkers and practitioners. In her role as senior fellows coordinator, Minnich supports and serves as a resource for the senior fellows. She also makes sure there is visibility, internally and externally, of the work they are doing in alignment with the foundation’s vision and mission to advance and defend inclusive democracy.

Minnich has worked at the foundation in prior positions where she contributed to its research by promoting and strengthening deliberative democratic practices. Prior to joining the foundation, Minnich served as director of annual conference and program manager for Grantmakers In Aging, a nonprofit membership organization. She worked closely with philanthropic leaders across the country for more than 15 years to create and execute programs to help improve the lives of older adults. Minnich served as an assistant long term for the Dayton, Ohio, law firm Altick & Corwin in the areas of probate and municipal law.