Sarah Dahm Strategic Project Manager

Sarah Dahm serves as strategic project manager at the Kettering Foundation. In this role, she manages and advances internal and external facing projects and programs, including risk management and DEI initiatives.

During her tenure with the foundation, Dahm has demonstrated her versatility in various capacities related to publications. She has contributed to the production process, orchestrated displays for research events, overseen inventory tracking, engaged in marketing and networking efforts, and assumed the role of editorial administrator for the Kettering Review. Throughout her career, she has cultivated proficiency in information and knowledge management, research, communication, and promotional activities.

Prior to joining the foundation, Dahm accrued over 15 years of experience in information management and research at LexisNexis, where she held diverse roles including business applications consultant, senior research specialist/team leader, and senior custom solutions manager. Her responsibilities spanned various sectors, including business-to-business consulting across industries and law firms. In these capacities, she collaborated with clients, sales teams, and product development to identify and craft tailored solutions such as custom interfaces, portals, and third-party alliances. Her skill set encompasses ad hoc research comprising of due diligence, intellectual property, public records, SEC filings, other financial reports, and risk management.

Dahm earned a Bachelor of Science in financial services from Wright State University.